Choosing the Self Storage Unit to Fit Your Needs

Aeries Mini Storage is a great option when you have too much stuff and you want to free up more space in your home or office. However, you also want to make sure that the furniture, equipment and things you have stored are safe and in good condition. This depends on two aspects – your choice of storage facility as well as how you packed and stored your things.

This article will look into how you can choose the right self storage facility and unit. Here are some of the things you should look for or ask about when you are on the lookout for a self storage unit:

– Ease of Access to the storage unit. What are the times and days you are allowed to access the storage facility?  Are you allowed to access the unit anytime you want to? If you are storing a lot of equipment and furniture, it will also be helpful to check access of hauling equipment or trucks. You wouldn’t want to haul heavy boxes up and down several flights of stairs! It is also important to check how near the storage facility is to major roads, highways and freeways.

– Security measures. Is the storage facility secure? Does it have enough security measures to prevent theft and vandalism? Are there security guards on-site? Is there security cameras placed at strategic areas? Are the units enclosed with concealing walls so that nobody can peek in and see what you have stored? What type of locks do the units use? Are there individually controlled alarms available? On a related note, you can also consider getting insurance for the things you will be putting in self storage.

– Cleanliness and maintenance. How well is the facility maintained? Is it clean? Are the self storage units in good condition?

– Pest Control. Is there a problem with vermin and other pests coming into your storage unit? You don’t want nasty surprises waiting for you the next time you return to your storage unit.

– Size of the unit. This depends on the kind and volume of things you want stored. The right storage facility should enable you to increase or decrease the space you might need without too much of a hassle. To help you determine the size of the self storage facility you need, take a look at this guide.

– Storage facility design. Are the units designed to prevent damage caused by natural calamities such as floods? Are the units water proof?

– Other amenities. What other services does the storage facility provide? Some provide moving trucks, online access to bills and payment facilities, package delivery services and moving supplies.

Before you sign any contracts, be sure that you have personally seen the facilities. Read the lease agreement with care to check whether the facility owner can arbitrarily change the rates without notice.

Aeries Mini Storage of Bend is well equipped to handle most storage needs.

Automobile Storage Tips

Using Aeries Mini Storage to store your vehicle is an option to help preserve a vintage car or to store your child’s car while they are away at college. For whatever reason here are some helpful tips to consider.

  1. Insurance: if you’re storing your car at Aeries Mini Storage of Bend it is a requirement that the car is insured. Many insurance companies require that you notify them of the address where the car will be stored. Contact your insurance company to determine their requirements.
  2. Documentation:  when storing your car with Aeries Mini Storage, you must provide proof of registration, insurance and ownership.
  3. Remove ALL personal items from the car before storage.
  4. Wash and wax the car thoroughly, inside and out. This is especially important if you plan on covering your car in storage. A clean and waxed car is less likely to sustain scratches when putting on or removing a cover.
  5. Check all fluids and change the oil. It is a good idea to have the car fully serviced before putting it in storage.
  6. To keep pests out of the car, check the car for any places pests can get in. Put a plastic bag over the air intake and exhaust pipes. Secure them with rubber bands. (You could also use aluminum foil and tape securely – just be mindful of the car’s finish). Make sure to list all the spots you cover and leave it in the car while in storage. This way you won’t miss anything when you remove your car from storage.
  7. Place scented dryer sheets in the trunk, on the tops of the tires and in the passenger compartment of the car. Most vermin do not like the scent plus your car will smell fresh when you take it out of storage!
  8. Disconnect the battery and remove it from the car. It should never be stored on a concrete floor (concrete will drain the battery) or where it may freeze. A wood bench in the unit may be in order.
  9. If possible put the car on jack stands. This will help with the longevity of the suspension since it will not bear the weight of the car during storage. It will also help the tires!
  10. Since most garage-style storage units are not climate controlled, make sure that any items that can freeze or rupture from the cold are removed from the car.



Small Business Storage

Small Business was once the back bone of this country, but now large corporations have taken over making it hard for the little guy to compete. In order for the small business to stay afloat it is crucial to keep overhead low, and it is for this reason many owners are looking for different ways of doing business. Self-Storage has become a great alternative to renting a traditional office or warehouse space. Although running a business out of a storage unit sounds a bit strange, it could be an ideal solution for, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, Pharmaceutical Reps, or really any business where the bulk of your business takes place outside of the office. Self-Storage units are very affordable averaging between $1.00/square foot to $1.75/square foot depending on the type of storage you are looking for and the location of the property. Since most storage unit leases are month to month you are never locked into a long-term deal where you are paying for space you don’t need. If you receive a shipment and need more space, rent a second unit. Once that merchandise is sold you vacate the unit or downsize to a smaller size. The flexibility in sizing options is limitless. Since self-storage has become very popular you are sure to find a unit in any location you need, putting you closer to your customers.

If you decide to try using a storage unit for your business, it is important to understand that all storage facilities were not created equal. Property features, and quality of a storage facility vary wildly from location to location. These are some things to consider when choosing a storage company.

• Is it Business friendly? Some facilities are much more accommodating of corporate units than others.

•Gate Access Hours. You want to make sure the storage facilities access hours match up with your customers needs. If you occasionally need to make a 3am service call, it is important to have 24-hour access.

• Security, are your items going to be safe? Make sure the facility has a perimeter fence with coded access to ensure no one will have access to the property that shouldn’t.

Whatever your needs, chances are good that Aeries Mini Storage has the right unit for you. I recommend that you speak with one of our storage specialists to find the best possible storage solution for your business.