Storage Tips

Seal all your boxes with packing tape before you put them in a self-storage unit. Tape will make the boxes stronger and help keep dust out.

Try to assess what you'll need to access frequently and keep those belongings at the front of your unit.

When you have to stack your boxes high, always put the heaviest boxes at the bottom to avoid damage. Stack boxes and similarly sized items together to save space.

Electrical equipment such as TVs, stereos and computers should be packed in their original boxes whenever possible. If this isn't possible, pack them into boxes that are about the right size making sure that you pack gaps with paper, towels, etc.

Chairs can be stacked seat to seat to save space. Cover chair legs with protective wrapping for extra protection.

Wrap fragile and breakables items such as dishes, glasses, ornaments etc separately. Crumpled paper will work but bubble wrap is a good investment. Avoid putting heavy boxes on top of boxes with fragile items.

You can use materials such as paper, towels or you can buy special packing to fill empty space in your boxes.

Label all boxes clearly so you can identify the contents and keep an inventory. Label them on more than one side so you can see what's inside quickly. Mark 'Fragile' on any boxes containing breakable items.

Fill boxes to capacity whenever possible to avoid breakages but avoid making them too heavy - remember you'll have to lift them.

Invest in good quality boxes and packing materials - box strength degrades with use. If you buy boxes of similar sizes it'll be easier to stack them securely in the self-storage facility and will save you space.

What Do We Say?

Now that you have an idea for how to pack and organize, find out what we have to say about the Aeries Mini Storage facility.